Alva Majo game developer youtuber

"I don't love what video games are; I love what video games could be."

I'm Alva Majo, indie video game developer and video creator from Spain.

I develop and direct video games at my co-founded studio Majorariatto, and have a successful YouTube channel. I also stream once a week on Twitch.

Born in Spain, living on the Spanish island of Majorca.

I vividly remember playing Super Mario Bros. for the first time at the age of 5, developing a passion for video games.

I played around with RPG Maker in my teenage days, and had a computer class in high school that introduced me to programming with Visual Basic.

I later pursued a degree in computer science but dropped it a few months in for lack of motivation, laziness and general dislike of studying. I instead got a technical degree in both audiovisuals and programming instead.

I started to make a too-ambitious video game with a friend, Nosgoroth, under the studio name Majorariatto.

I went vegan in 2012 and later worked for a few months as a travel agency’s website tester and testing automation programmer. I resigned to focus on the development of the game.

As a last-ditch effort, I developed Majotori mostly by myself in a few months starting at the end of 2015. It went well and I have kept making games since.

I started a personal YouTube channel in 2018, during pureya's and Golfing Over It with Alva Majo’s development, as a marketing ploy. It went well. I have kept making videos since and became a known figure in the Spanish video game scene.

I enjoy my creative work. I have strong ideas about video games and I try to bring something of value with each one I make. My goal is to make a video game that changes your life.

My main hobbies are video games and anime, but I dislike most video games and anime.

I have strong principles, eat mostly meal replacements and rehabilitate injured pigeons. I don’t drink or smoke. I dislike going out, traveling, spending money and owning much stuff.

Random fact about me: I developed arachnophobia by playing the video game Arachnophobia.

My favorite video game is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Majora’s Mask.

My favorite anime is Clannad After Story.

My favorite movie is Pocahontas.

My favorite song is Utau Oka ~EXEC_HARVESTASYA/.~.

My favorite book is The Name of the Wind.