Alva Majo

Alva Majo

I'm Alva Majo, Spanish indie game developer and director of my own studio, Majorariatto, and video creator on YouTube.

My latest release was Pineapple on pizza.

I'm currently working on updating my previous games to fix some bugs.


Things that happened last month:

· My pigeons Lenteja and Tesla died.
· I bowled for the first time.
· Pekora played my game Pineapple on pizza.
· I beat The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Great game, but I felt I was playing Breath of the Wild all over again and didn't find the new additions that exciting.
· Gius Caminiti released Summer Trip Cruise, which was originally a winner of a game jam I made.
· I rescued 7 pigeon squabs.


Games I've made

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